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Divorce is one of the most serious challenges a person will face in their life. It is not only a painful and heartbreaking end to a relationship, it also involves many complex legal issues that involve children and the personal assets of each party. Nobody should have to go through divorce alone. During this difficult time, it is important to choose a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer with the knowledge, experience and proven legal skills to place you in the best position to succeed. My name is Christopher M. Ault and I am a divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City. Over the years, my team of legal professionals has successfully represented men and women who have gone through divorce. Utah family law can be extremely complex. My team and I will help you navigate through the legal process with a full commitment to protect your rights and to always look out for your interests.

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Salt Lake City
Divorce Attorney

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When it comes to divorce in Salt Lake City, each party has plenty to lose. The custody of your children along with your assets and property are all at stake. To help our clients achieve the best results, we take a proactive approach with every facet of family law. From the time each client schedules their initial consultation and all the way through trial, my legal team and I will always be in your corner. The Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney at The Ault Firm can provide full representation and legal counsel for the following types of family law in Utah:

Christopher M. Ault Family Law Attorney

As a single father of three children, I understand the unique perspective of many of my clients who are going through divorce. The bond between a parent and their children is an issue that I am very passionate about. I not only place an emphasis on helping guide clients through the divorce process, I am also committed to protecting the rights to their children and the welfare of each child. Because Utah family law can be complex, I have seen how poor legal representation can result in many loving parents losing child custody or visitation rights. My goal is to help ensure you and your children have a bright future. Read more…

Awards and Affiliations

The National Trial Lawyers::Top 100 Trial Lawyers
Utah Business :: Elite Personal Injury Attorney
Utah Association for Justice
Expertice:: Best Divorce Lawyer in Salt Lake City::2016
national association sistinguished counsel

Compassionate & Aggressive

Legal Representation Always on Your Side

Divorce can be a lonely feeling–especially when you have split from a partner of many years. We understand the wide range of emotions you are currently experiencing. In addition to helping our clients through the legal process, our legal team is also committed to help prepare each client for life after divorce. We also understand your life will go through a series of changes in the coming years. The Salt Lake City divorce lawyer at The Ault Firm can provide legal assistance with modifications concerning custody, spousal support and a variety of other family law matters in Utah.

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We understand going through a divorce is never easy. Getting the right legal advice can often make the difference between protecting the rights to your children and assets or possibly losing much of what you have rightfully earned. The legal team at The Ault Firm always places a high priority on protecting the rights and interests of each client and placing them in the best position to succeed. The first important step is to seek representation from a knowledgeable team of family law attorney who are always on your side. To learn more on how an experienced Salt Lake City divorce lawyer can help, contact The Ault Firm and schedule a consultation today.

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