Deciding to adopt children takes financial stability, a loving home and both potential parents being mentally, physically and emotionally stable enough. As many children who are adopted are in state foster homes, you’ll be giving one or several young children stability they’ve never known, which is the greatest gift our youth can receive.

The Ault Firm handles several types of adoptions all over Utah. As parents ourselves, we have first-hand experience with children, so providing our services as your Draper adoption attorney is our honor.

Utah Adoptions are Complex

Like other states, adoptions in Utah can get complex. Depending on biological parents’ position, or whether one has abandoned the child, the adoption process could go smoothly or drag on for months. Some types of adoption common to Utahans include:

  • Grandparent adoption, which means either both parents suddenly deceased, are deemed unfit or are incarcerated for an extended period of time. Grandparents do not have to adopt, but often decide doing so gives grandchildren a sense of security.
  • Closed adoptions, which allow parents who cannot bear children of their own to adopt children from parents who decided to give their child up. Both biological and adoptive parents don’t know each other.
  • Open adoptions, which mean biological parents know who adopted their children and may be able to keep in contact if its written in decree. We assist with these agreements.
  • Step-parent adoptions, which is basically noncustodial parent giving up parental rights to custodial parent so his or her spouse can adopt. If noncustodial parent cannot be reached, courts may terminate rights and proceed with adoption.

Adoption venues are slightly different and will depend on type of adoption our Draper adoption attorney advises potential adoptive parents on. Venues where adoptions may take place include:

  • Private adoptions, the most common type in Utah but sometimes the most complex. Birth mother and father could pull out last minute, although often they don’t. This adoption venue still requires social services intervention and court approval.
  • Human Dept. of Services adoptions, which The Ault Firm uses often. HDS adoptions are no more or less complex than private adoptions, and the HDS has valuable resources for new adoptive parents.
  • Federal programs, available to Utahans interested in adopting. Your Draper adoption attorney can give you more information on these.

Our firm advises parents interested in allowing someone else to adopt their child, too, and can offer birth parent relinquishment or representation. From foster care adoptions to handling contested adoptions, The Ault Firm will leverage years of adoption experience to help prospective parents make educated choices.

Adoption is Special. Let Us Help.

With multiple adoption types and many formalities to navigate, we’d love to help you realize your dreams in adopting children. Whether you’re adopting across state lines, think an adoption may be contested or are contemplating making your grandchildren your own, we have solutions that can help you. Our fees are upfront, honest and are fair given the work needed to make adoptions smooth from start to finish.

Contact our Draper adoption attorney today.