Once couples separate or divorce, alimony may be awarded to either husband or wife. Depending on underlying factors, spousal support may last forever or may temporarily fill financial gaps. Courts have even awarded lump-sum alimony settlements when deemed proper. The Ault Firm has many successful cases where alimony was awarded, making us the go-to Draper alimony attorney firm in Utah.

Financial security is everyone’s right. If your recently separated or divorced spouse has greater financial means than you, and you may be struggling to survive, our office may be able to secure temporary alimony while your case makes its way through court.

Importance of Alimony in Utah

Married folks that share vast financial resources, but wake up one day to find their spouse ran off with checking account funds, sole family vehicles, credit cards and other assets could financially cripple someone quick. Alimony isn’t used to punish folks, but rather to help one party or another become financially stable again.

Alimony in Utah isn’t handed out automatically. A petitioner must file for benefits in court, prove marriage and wait for court ruling. Generally speaking, alimony approval and amounts awarded depend on numerous factors, which may include:

  • The petitioner’s standard of living prior to separation from spouse, which our Draper alimony attorney can help determine.
  • The conduct of at-fault parties, if fault can be established clearly. This may include extramarital affairs, domestic violence, or purposely cutting off financial support to spouse caring for children.
  • One’s ability to pay spousal support knowing child support will be ordered. The less folks make, the less petitioners get.
  • Monthly debts of each party, what types of debt petitioner is left with, and so on.
  • Length of marriage. Lengthier marriages build strongest cases for alimony.

Alimony benefits would immediately cease after awardee remarried, passed away or received benefits equal to length of marriage, which ever happens first.

Why Contact Our Draper Alimony Attorney?

Again, alimony payments aren’t guaranteed. Petitioners who file paperwork on their own may very well miss important details, may not have something correct on petition, and have their day in court denied. Once denied, the spouse with financial means could easily spend family fortune and disappear.

The Ault Firm stands up for spouses wronged by their respective mates. Leaving women or men with no financial means, especially when children are involved, is simply wrong.

We can not only help petitioners file alimony petitions in Utah, but we’ll help domesticate orders from other states. Our firm can help folks awarded alimony enforce court orders, which may entail wage assignment, filing contempt of court charges, and having the payor spent time in jail. Whatever it takes, our Draper alimony attorney will do to make alimony possible for those in need.

If you’re ready to file for alimony in Utah, and are currently unrepresented, we invite you to experience The Ault Firm difference. Our team of compassionate legal professionals have your best interests at heart, and will work hard to get alimony benefits you deserve.

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