Parents spend every waking moment worried about their children’s safety, health and happiness. During an epic life-altering event such as divorce, spousal or child abuse, or other extenuating circumstances, the safety and well-being of children immediately takes center stage.

The Ault Firm knows the pain of going through child custody issues in Utah. As parents ourselves, we work hard to keep the best interests of children at the forefront of every custody petition we file. When the court determines who gets custody, numerous factors come into play:

  • The relationship each child has with their respective parent;
  • The stability each parent can provide their child(ren);
  • Any past or pending domestic violence issues against children, ex-spouse, live-in mates;
  • If moving child(ren) would detriment their health, education or current way of life.

A Draper child custody attorney can navigate this often-difficult process, helping parents retain custody of their children or secure custody if another parent’s actions may detriment the well-being of children.

Types of Child Custody in Utah

Utah family court takes an individualized approach to child custody issues because there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution used to determine best interests, safety, health and parental involvement. Because child custody cases take into account so many variables, we generally see four (4) types of custody awards:

  • Joint physical and legal: In divorce decrees, many parents still get along fairly well. In co-parent situations when no marriage or divorce was involved, both parents could also have an amicable relationship. Knowing this, an exact 50%/50% split is awarded to both parents.
  • Joint legal but sole physical: Simply put, it just makes sense sometimes to award sole custody to the parent best positioned to care for the child(ren). In this scenario, visitation is given to non-custodial parent but equal rights to make major decisions for child(ren) are kept equal.
  • Sole physical and legal: This form of child custody arrangement is reserved when either one parent is an immediate threat to child(ren), or simply lacks the means to make sound decisions. Visitation orders are contingent on custodial parent’s assessment, public records and the general demeanor of non-custodial parent in court, provided they appeared.
  • Split custody: This arrangement is slightly different as the amount of parenting time is split in each home according to schedules, needs and other underlying factors. Your Draper child custody attorney can help navigate this arrangement.

If the child(ren) in question were born out of wedlock, and the father has yet to determine paternity, those arrangements would need to be made before a child custody hearing would commence.

The Ault Firm Knows Child Custody

There’s nothing pleasant about child custody hearings. I’d love to sugar coat the process so more people would feel comfortable, but that’s not how The Ault Firm operates. The children involved are often scared, confused or wishing parents would simply patch things up.

Utah child custody issues are emotionally tolling on parents, children, grandparents, and everyone with a vested interest in the child’s success. An experienced Draper child custody attorney from our firm can make a world of difference in presenting a parent’s case.

During this difficult time, The Ault Firm would love to team up with you to provide your custody case the attention it deserves.