Utahans with children know the struggles of trying to support their kids during a divorce, or raising kids born out of wedlock. With schooling, clothing, food and other necessities rising in cost, both parents are responsible for providing for their children without exception. Unfortunately, non-custodial parents or those hostile parents recently divorced don’t see things that way.

The Ault Firm, an aggressive Draper child support attorney, has only one goal: doing what’s best for children. When parents come to my office, many are broken because they’ve either tried to reason with the other parent, or simply cannot find them to attach support to their earnings.

Utah Child Support Guidelines

Child support orders are based off both parents’ income. Both parents must either be working or receiving income in order for Utah’s calculator, which is a financial formula found in Utah Code Section 78B-12-301, to work. Support orders will have three components: a base figure, medical component and expense component.

As I’m an experienced Draper child support attorney with extensive knowledge of Utah’s somewhat complex system, I’m able to sit down with custodial parents to determine best needs for their children, help file and establish orders, and can even help with enforcement.

My staff works with men and women during divorces, paternity establishment and child support modifications. As children grow, support order needs will undoubtedly change to account for sports, school costs, clothing needs and so forth.

Why Must Child Support Involve Courts?

This question crosses everyone’s minds, especially when both parents are separated and get along well. Technically, child support could be arranged between parents without court intervention; however, when one parent defaults on their payment promise, there’s literally no means to enforce them to pay without involving Title IV administrative enforcement.

We’ve seen many hardworking men and women who actually tried civilly handling support agreements, but ended up getting burned. The Ault Firm will help parents enter fair agreements based on each income earner’s current salary, other mandatory deductions and support that’s deducted for older children. Utah does punish parents who repeatedly refuse to pay their support orders, too.

An Attorney With Children, For Children

Our Draper child support attorney, a single father of three children himself, understands each child’s needs will vary case by case. Parents may be states apart, not talking, difficult to locate or may want to support their children but economic challenges stand in their way.

The Ault Firm staff will help put together your support petition, will do our best to help locate parents absconding from their current orders, will request administrative assistance in enforcing orders and will even recommend taxes, real estate and other property get attached with liens.

Our goal is making sure children in one parent households receive the support they’re entitled to. If you’re having trouble filing your support order petition, and would like us to intervene on your behalf, contact the Draper child support attorney that gets results, The Ault Firm. Scheduling your consultation takes minutes, and you’ll feel better knowing another parent is willing to fight for your children’s well-being.