Relationships often turn into marriage at some point, whether immediate or decades down the road. In Utah, there’s no common law marriage laws stating that after ‘x’ years, the relationship automatically reverts to a marriage. The Ault Firm has helped couples wanting Utah Courts to recognize their relationship navigate the legal aspect of undocumented marriages.

With our Draper common law marriage attorney at your side, you can peacefully live your life knowing our courts have recognized your relationship is as special as marriage.

Securing Court Decree

As Utah doesn’t directly deal with common law marriages, another method of achieving identical results exists. By seeking judicial recognition of your relationship, you basically ask the courts to empower a relationship as a marriage without the ceremony or formalities.

Procedures must be followed, or your petition may not be heard or granted. The Ault Firm helps people navigate this process, with many petitions being heard much quicker than if individuals file forms on their own.

Once your petition has been approved by court, your relationship essentially becomes a marriage that ‘backdates’ provided the following conditions are met:

  • Both parties were of legal age and able to legally consent when relationship began;
  • The parties are able to enter a solemnized marriage without breaching close family ties;
  • Both parties have lived together;
  • Both parties are treating each other as married persons do;
  • The parties present themselves publicly as married persons.

Petitions must be filed during the relationship or within one year from it’s end. Also, petitions can be filed individually, together or by next of kin if either or both persons have passed away. Moreover, these petitions can be filed jointly with divorce decrees.

Although more loopholes may exist, these petitions are available to same-sex couples who wish to have their relationship legally declared a marriage.

The Ault Firm Helps File Petitions

Not only are petitions to recognize relationships as marriage great for indirectly tying the know, many other formalities may continue, such as establishing parentage or joint adoptions. Most importantly, children who always talk about their parents getting married can finally be proud of them for doing so, even without the expense of ceremonies.

A Draper common law marriage attorney from The Ault Firm can play an integral role in making petition processes go much quicker, and smoother. If another party objects to the court’s potential recognition of your relationship, another hearing must commence.

Other reasons why petitions to recognize are filed include:

  • Properly divide property and determine support orders, which would simultaneous require one to be married and divorced in one hearing.
  • So survivors may claim financial damages in wrongful death suits.
  • To claim some form of insurance or government benefits entitled to married persons
  • Property inheritance

Many other reasons may exist why couples wish to have age-old relationships recognized as marriages. It may be that these folks simply didn’t get around to properly marrying each other.

Regardless of reason, The Ault Firm will provide an expert Draper common law marriage attorney to help file motions, petitions and finalize your union.