When complexities arise in divorce, nobody wins in reality. She wants house and daughter, he wants all the money and son, along with the house being sold. Contested divorces are the most complex because you have two parties literally grabbing for whatever they can, and won’t stop until either the other is bled dry, or the judge orders differently.

The Ault Firm, experts in mediating complex divorce issues, has the Draper contested divorce attorney most people want on their side. From start to finish, no other attorney takes your divorce needs more seriously, which is why our flat-fee divorce service has grown in popularity.

We Know Contested Divorces

Divorces free people from unhealthy unions, and although many people prefer taking the uncontested route in finalizing their dissolutions, even the slightest hiccup may deny your petition and force an uncontested filing. Our firm can attempt mediation prior to engaging the courts for assistance, but if we’re unsuccessful in resolving matters, court will have to intervene.

The contested divorce process can be lengthy; here are steps that may need to be taken in your case:

  • Petitioner prepares, files and has divorce papers served upon Respondent.
  • Respondent usually has 21 days to file an answer, object or simply does nothing.
  • At this stage, hiring a Draper contested divorce attorney may be prudent.
  • Attorney will engage in discovery proceedings, which entail collecting every bit of evidence necessary to win your case, even subpoenaing witnesses and phone records if needed.
  • Court, attorney and either opposing party’s attorney or Respondent pro se engages in pre-trial motions, resetting dates and hearings. Small formalities, really.
  • Propose division of property, placement of child(ren), child and spousal support and other requests. This is where many pray contested divorces are hashed out.
  • If no deal is made, The Ault Firm will prepare your case for trial.
  • Based on decision of court, we either accept the final terms of dissolution or appeal.

The more complicated property, living arrangements and finances become, the longer hearings will commence as judges will not approve final dissolution of marriage when both parties haven’t agreed on all details.We may be able to work closely with Respondent’s counsel to nail down agreements quicker.

Understanding Our Position

The Ault Firm is your attorney of record. As your counsel, we’ll always fight to keep your best interests at heart, and urge you to consider all circumstances before settling with Respondent. With that said, we also encourage clients to be reasonable. Is grabbing everything from the other party really necessary when they’re offering a vehicle, a primary residence, and support?

Contested divorces usually show anger from one or both parties, and often go as smoothly (or rough) as marriages went. Because we’re your Draper contested divorce attorney working diligently to put your divorce to rest, we’ll always keep communication open and honest.

If you feel that an uncontested divorce simply won’t fly with your spouse, contact The Ault Firm to start your contested divorce case. We gladly accept new clients, and referrals, too.