Child custody battles often leave one parent feeling unfairly adjudged. Or, sometimes the judge didn’t get something quite right, causing undue hardship between parents sharing custody. Whatever situation you many find yourself in, The Ault Firm employs an experienced Draper custody modifications attorney prepared to correct mistakes or make amendments based on status changes.

Has something dramatically altered your life that changes to custody agreements are imminent? You’re not alone – many folks around Salt Lake City, and Utah, contact us because we take every modification request seriously, making the right changes for the right reasons.

Opening Modification Orders

Courts generally need strong justification for reopening cases the judge has already decided on. When children are involved with orders, however, changes are expected so courts are more lenient when modification requests are made.

Where child custody is concerned, numerous reasons one may modify orders could exist, including:

  • Job changed scope, causing more travel or extra hours and more pay. This may open both custody and support orders for modification.
  • One or both parents suddenly falls ill, requiring constant medical supervision. This includes mental illness.
  • An allegation of child abuse is being looked into, and custodial parent wants to halt visitation until its settled.
  • One or both parents are convicted of a felony which may incarcerate them for an extended amount of time. In this case, a grandmother may actually file to get sole custody or protect their own child by requesting temporary guardianship.
  • One or both parents relocate, and the distance is greater than 150 miles.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse is uncovered, and the other parent wants visitations halted.
  • Custodial parent continually blocks visitation from noncustodial parent, and now the latter wants to shoot for 50% joint custody.

Other circumstances may exist where modifying custody orders would be proper. Our Draper custody modification attorney can assist in making these modifications quick and thorough.

Are All Modifications Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, no action filed in court is guaranteed to pass. Judge may look at the items modified and deem them unnecessary, or will not approve the modification due to something procedural, or just because. It’s our job as your Draper child custody modifications attorney to prove why not granting newly modified terms may cause harm to you, your children or way of life.

In most cases where significant changes like crime, death or abandonment have occurred, judges will approve the modification without second thought. Again, The Ault Firm can discuss your custody issue and advocate on what steps are prudential, and what would probably be best left alone.

Our Firm Helps Modify Custody Orders

Each client who requests child custody modifications has their children’s best interests at heart. Sometimes parents want noncustodial parents to simply spend more time with their kids because they’ve earned it. Or, sometimes a parent abusing their new girlfriend is frightening the kids, so action must be taken quickly.

Regardless what stipulations exist, we will help parents modify child custody orders. To get started, call our Draper custody modifications attorney or simply fill out our form.