Domestic violence in Utah means more than one assaulting another. The mere threat of physical harm may constitute domestic violence, too. Whether married, divorced, cohabiting, or simply roommates, threatening bodily harm, or actually following through, is never ok. The Ault Firm, the Draper domestic violence attorney with experience protecting the rights of battered individuals, is here for all victims of abuse.

You are under no obligation to be another individual’s punching bag. No component of abuse is legally allowable, especially being physically battered. Let us help you go after whomever caused you bodily harm, or threatened such.

Utah’s Domestic Violence Laws

Interpreting Utah Code, Section 77-36, is pretty simple: It’s against the law to commit any form of domestic violence. This means committing, threating to commit or conspiring with another to commit physical harm to another. Also called CAPA (Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act), the law specifically targets individuals over 16 years of age or older.

Laws get stricter when acts of domestic abuse are committed in the presence of children. Utah Code, Section 76-5-109.1, makes serious bodily injury attacks a Level 3 Felony when done in the presence of children, and a Class B misdemeanor when any form of domestic violence is witnessed by children.

You need a Draper domestic violence attorney that understands laws pertaining to protective orders, how courts treat domestic incidents and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

How The Ault Firm Handles These Cases

If you’ve been physically assaulted, or have proof that you’re the target of an impending assault, it’s vital to contact law enforcement immediately. Once you’ve filed the proper report, let them handle their duty in bringing justice to you. Meanwhile, contact us to get started on your case.

When our attorney takes your case, we’ll immediately work on securing a protective order. With this order, the abuser cannot enter your domicile, must remain ‘x’ distance from you and may even lose child visitation privileges if the judge deems him or her an imminent threat.

Once the case has been entered into court, you may choose not to attend due to intimidation or fear of facing your attacker. This isn’t uncommon; in fact, unless ordered by the judge to appear, many times our appearance on your behalf is sufficient.

Your attacker may face fines, probation, jail, loss of firearms or recreation license, or any and all combinations of punishment. Domestic violence is serious in Utah. Violating protective orders, too, can have serious ramifications on perpetrators. Repeat offenses can boost misdemeanors to Felonies, result in longer jail sentences and perhaps court-ordered anger management classes.

Call Our Domestic Violence Attorney Today

Abuse is never accepted in society. But it’s an unfortunate part of many Utah cities, with many women and men afraid to speak up.

If you or someone you love has been abused, contact the Draper domestic violence attorney known for standing up for victim rights. We can even help you file police reports and file other paperwork to protect you, your children and your property from retaliation.