Whenever there’s family matters needing handled in court, competent yet empathetic legal representation is necessary to navigate complexities many laypeople simply cannot fathom. The Ault Firm, representing clients from all over Utah, brings decades of legalese in family court matters to every hearing, modification, settlement or trial.

Family law practice is what our firm does best. When troubling times have struck your family, your children or peace of mind, a Draper family law attorney will intervene as much as laws allow.

Components of Family Law

Battle-tested attorneys from The Ault Firm know family court rules, filings and expectations of judges quite well. Where there’s a child, spousal or grandparent issue, our firm will present an answer. Even if that means mediating to help parents or spouses help themselves.

The more common components of family law include:
Children. Family courts will always do their part in seeing children have everything they need to succeed in life. From child support hearings, to custody modifications, The Ault Firm offers invaluable experience with child advocacy, trial representation, and petition filing. Specific components include:

  • Child support modification or establishing new orders
  • Child adoption, which includes helping choose best option
  • Child custody, modification of orders or termination of custody orders
  • Child visitation, which is generally established alongside support orders

Marital. Anything involving spouses but keeps children separate would fall under marital. Everything spouses need to financially or emotionally separate from or adjoin themselves to is covered under marital affairs, which our Draper family law attorney has experience handling. Marital components include:

  • Spousal support, or alimony
  • Divorce proceedings, including both contested and uncontested
  • Prenuptial agreements, which means that each married person leaves the marriage with what they came with, and certain assets may be protected from alimony or divorce.
  • Mediation, which is usually a last-ditch effort both spouses or parents make before taking each other through the court system.

General. Family laws and practices that may not fit exactly into marriage or children-related may include:

When you retain The Ault Firm, we do not say ‘no, we cannot represent you on this manner’. We find ways to implement our services into your situation and, if we simply cannot help after all efforts are exhausted, we’ll refer you to someone who can. Only conflicts of interest (Ex already hired us) would immediately stop us talking to new potential clients.

Fair Family Law Practice for All

We have children. Families. We understand the court systems aren’t perfect in making decisions, and we certainly know the importance of children to everyone who enters our office. For those without children, marriage matters are equally important to us.

Our fees are upfront, honest and fair. We perform the work we say, and get results for many clients who had nowhere else to turn. From modifications, to adoptions, even protective orders, The Ault Firm
can do it all.

If you’re anticipating family matters may get ugly, and want a Draper family law attorney on your side, feel free to contact us anytime.