Marriages, even relationships, that end abruptly are stressful enough on individuals that are experiencing pains from losing their partner. That pain intensifies knowing children are involved, and may be separated from mom or dad for extended periods of time.

A Draper joint custody attorney knows what battles newly split parents face. Getting children to functions, supporting their needs, even spending quality time with kids can become challenging to parents with hectic work lives.

When both parents seem to have an active role in child’s life, and have been able to work together despite marital differences, joint custody will normally work. The Ault Firm has extensive knowledge of family court procedure, helping many separated parents maintain joint physical and legal custody.

The Custody Process in Utah

When constructive mediation isn’t an option, our Draper joint custody attorney will prepare and file motions to begin the joint custody process. There are currently two types of joint custody in Utah: joint legal, which allows both parents to make decisions with equal power, and joint physical, which means that both parents have an equal split in where the child lives.

Some factors which help courts facilitate proper joint custody in Utah include:

  • The employment of both parents, including any extended travel which takes them away from their children;
  • Whether both parents have an equally stable, safe home for their children. Does each child have their own bed, in a separate room? Is there enough food in each home?
  • Have one, or both, parents remarried?
  • Do both parents equally facilitate a healthy relationship between child and parent?

As the name implies, joint custody means each parent has the facilities, including income, to equally care for the child as the other parent. If courts feel one parent is better positioned than the other, joint custody will not work. It’s important that an experienced Draper joint custody attorney look over each person’s individual situation with constructive criticism.

The Ault Firm Helps Facilitate Joint Custody

Children’s best interest is our only interest. Even when clients bring their child custody requests to our office, we want to make sure each child in question will be cared for emotionally, financially and educationally. These components must not be skimped on.

After we’ve looked over your details, we’ll help determine which type of joint legal custody is most likely to be awarded. If joint legal with sole physical custody is awarded, this means children are expected to spend less than 111 nights per year at the noncustodial parent’s home. If joint physical and legal are awarded, the child’s parenting time and living arrangements will be equally divided in half.

Our Draper joint custody attorney is experienced in joint custody hearings, and will help the parent file any related motions and paperwork to help keep everything 50/50. When all is said and done, both parents and children will coexist in a loving, healthy environment regardless of relationship or marital status of parents.

When you need joint custody petitions filed, The Ault Firm will be there for you.