Not every family, or couple, is destined to fail in Utah. Sometimes couples simply need neutrality from someone they’ve never met, a third set of eyes who may view issues going on with marriage. Think of mediation as counseling, but on a lessened mental level.

The Ault Firm, a Draper mediation attorney group with many hours of mediation experience, can provide couples with insight into financial matters, advocate on keeping best interests focused on children, and liaise couples on best practices for making difficult decisions much easier.

To Divorce, or Not Divorce

It’s said that one’s experience with divorce is gauged off emotional acceptance. If we choose not to believe the process is necessary or the other person is evil, the entire process will probably not end favorably. Of course, splitting up isn’t favorable in the first place.

Divorce is serious, regardless if couples choose an uncontested filing or decide to battle. Children are often heartbroken, property gets needlessly sold to satisfy personal debts and judgments, and life can be difficult for a long while. When a Draper mediation attorney gets involved, some level of commitment to each other still exists.

So, how specifically does mediation work?

When mediation is chosen, married couples want to avoid losing each other, don’t like having to fight in a sometimes heavily biased court and want an enforceable agreement on paper that both parties can live with. Both parties must fully cooperate for mediation to work. Folks who choose mediation can take comfort in knowing all discussions are confidential.

The number of sessions necessary should be determined by you and your Draper mediation attorney. Most indifferences only require one session, whereas more complex problems such as children or finances may require additional visits.

If both parties agree to mediation but aren’t getting along, The Ault Firm can still conduct sessions but through a ‘caucus’, which means parties are in separate rooms and mediator jumps between rooms. In certain cases where parties are on separate ends of Utah or the United States, mediation takes only a conference call to complete.

Mediation works, if you respect the process.

Our skilled mediator can spend fifteen hours helping couples. They can write up agreements, listen to heartaches and try to find peace within harsh statements. All efforts could be for naught if couples approach median halfheartedly or simply ‘fake it to make it’. Mediation works, and our past clients can attest to this. Remember, your effort dictates out come in mediation sessions.

When all else fails, mediation can be an excellent last resort. Our Draper mediation attorney has expertise in handling many complex situations, and agreements that don’t require too much out of each party can be drawn up relatively quick.

Is your marriage holding on by a thread? Don’t feel you’re ready to face your spouse, but still want to work something out without needing court interference? Let The Ault Firm bring years of expert negotiation skills to your marriage.

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