Modifications are, as you’d imagine, a legal process where an original order needs altered due to change of circumstances. Whether divorce, child support or alimony orders must be altered to better reflect financial position, our Draper modifications attorney has significant filing and courtroom experience. We can get modifications heard relatively quick.

When life suddenly changes, and older court orders simply don’t apply, The Ault Firm will advocate clients on next steps, and help modify any preexisting orders to help offset life’s many twists and turns.

What Court Orders Can Be Modified?

Virtually any order written and approved in family court may be modified, resubmitted and make a record of court. Depending on personal needs, you may need help from our Draper modifications attorney to change:

  • Child support orders: Perhaps the most popular type of modification is child support. Because parents’ jobs will decrease or increase in pay, and children may have special needs, The Ault Firm has helped parents seek child support modifications to help better care for children.
  • Divorce settlements:Not all dissolutions stay permanently correct. At times, a specific debt or maybe an old insurance policy was forgotten that needs included in the final order. We can help open, modify and reenter new stipulations in your divorce settlement so both parties are again happy.
  • Protective orders: Although difficult to convince judges why protective orders may need modified, we have successfully modified them because the assailant got help, or was finding other ways to stalk.
  • Alimony: While recipients are only entitled to receive alimony for a predetermined period of time, sometimes payors didn’t disclose all assets. Once discovered, we can reopen the alimony order and request the judge take newly discovered finances into consideration in upping the alimony amount.
  • Child custody: Not all custody arrangements work. One parent may get extra hours, or move a little further away. Sometimes more time is merited, too. Our Draper modifications attorney assists parents with restructuring custody orders so children can adjust to change.
  • Visitation rights: When noncustodial parents first get visitation rights, there’s a period of adjustment for child, and parent. As time goes on, parents may want more visits, including overnights. Our attorneys can help structure better visitation rights schedules.

The Ault Firm knows there’s no perfect science to custody or financial agreements. We do our best to accommodate parents who need to change court orders due to unforeseen life events. Our fees for these modifications are fair, upfront and affordable for most folks in Utah.

Why Our Firm Succeeds

Being subjected to divorce isn’t fun. Even with final settlements on file, there are times when situations change enough to merit our firm reopening cases to make amendments.

From writing agreements, to mediating, even taking parents to trial, we’ve spent years dedicating our time and effort to making parents, children and couples feel better about choices in life that need legal assistance.

When you need the swift action of our Draper modifications attorney to alter an order, do not hesitate to contact The Ault Firm P.C..