Nothing makes men happier than discovering dreams of becoming a father just came true. In or outside marriage vows, fatherhood can be extremely rewarding and humbling. The first step towards being ‘daddy’ involves genetically proving the child is, in fact, yours. Seems trivial to prove what you already know, but we’ll talk about why tests are done shortly.

For those unfamiliar with the process, The Ault Firm has an incredible Draper paternity attorney who can help men navigate this often overlooked formality. Once complete, you can trek down the road of fatherhood knowing you’re the undisputed papa of a beautiful girl, or handsome boy.

How Paternity Tests are Conducted

There are essentially two ways paternity is established in Utah: by genetic testing, or by signing a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity. Both essentially do the same thing; genetic testing simply has an associated fee for being swabbed. So, which would I need to do? That depends on your level of certainty.

If you’re engaged to be married, have only had the maternal parent as your sexual partner or have been married, you can probably skip genetic testing. However, if even one inkling of doubt exists that you’re unable to bear children, or was never with the person claiming they’re carrying your child, genetic testing will clear your name or prove your fatherhood.

Why are Paternity Tests Conducted?

A Draper paternity attorney is a valuable asset in helping dads establish care and paternity of children. Children deserve to be identified with a particular set of parents. So, apart from identity, Utah requires paternity:

  • To establish paternal rights. It’s creepy letting strange men around children, so law requires men have shared DNA with children to establish paternity.
  • Medical reasons. To get children stated with medical care and learning more about preexisting conditions, parents need to establish paternity.
  • Benefits. If children are paternally unidentified, how will Social Security, military and other survivor benefits left by the father get paid? Knowing who your child’s father is helps inheritances get properly routed to children, too.
  • Establishes citizenship. If one parent was born abroad, certain rights and benefits become available. Besides, its always nice to know your father’s lineage, right?
  • Child support. Fathers have an obligation to financially support their children, but without paternity established, Utah will not enforce support orders.

Another lesser known reason to establish paternity is to clear confusion, or right many wrongs. What if fathers took care of children for 18 years, and weren’t paternally obligated? Or, what if ‘summer fun’ yields a child down the road, and one day your child gets curious and wants to know their father?

Contact A Draper Paternity Attorney Today

Some men may feel confused, nervous or simply don’t want to face courts alone. The Ault Firm can help men ready to step forward and become great fathers to establish paternity, support and visitation obligations, nearly all in one swipe.

Don’t let your child exist without paternal identity. Contact our office if you anticipate needing to establish fatherhood or have questions about the process.