After domestic disputes end violently, police will get dispatched to wherever the altercation occurred. Normally, the assailant will find themselves jailed until speaking with a judge. However, regardless if the perpetrator was jailed or not, an underlying issue becomes personal safety. For that, a protective order is issued.

The Ault Firm mounts a rigorous defense for victims of domestic violence by helping file petitions for protective orders. With an experienced Draper protective order attorney ready to battle attackers in court, our firm takes cases where protective orders need filed, renewed or amended seriously.

We file protective orders against boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands and even both in some cases where children need protected. The process which must be followed to file these is relatively simple, too.

If you (the Petitioner) fear the attacker (the Respondent) will do even more harm, we can help file a Temporary Protective Order which goes into effect much quicker than Final Protective Orders.

The Importance of Protective Orders

Protective orders may have two components: civil and criminal. Petitioners who are granted protective orders will receive indefinite criminal protection (unless a motion to lift is filed after 2 years) and 150 days of civil protection. Petitioners are protected in many ways, because Respondents cannot:

  • Go near Petitioner’s children, their home, or anywhere Petitioner may frequent such as work or church.
  • Own firearms.
  • Harm Petitioner, his/her children, family, pets or property.

Another great component of protective orders are the provisions that Petitioners may be entitled to. Because victims are placed in danger by attackers, courts may also:

  • Award Petitioner with possession of any shared property owned with Respondent. This includes housing, vehicle and other essential property.
  • Award Petitioner with temporary spousal support.
  • Order Respondent pay support, even if children were in his/her custody.
  • Order any children of Petitioner and Respondent remain in Utah.

Utah is pretty strict when it comes to domestic violence. The Ault Firm can help victims secure property, orders and financial support as deemed fitting. Our Draper protective order attorney knows the importance of separating victims from imminent threats of violence, so quick action is taken.

Protective Order Violations

So, you’ve successfully secured a protective order, and you’re safe. One day, the Respondent shows up and starts breaking your windows. What recourse would you have?

All Petitioners need to do is phone the police. Phone them each time the Respondent violates the order. Sure, nobody may go to jail immediately, but with enough calls the prosecutor will have more than enough ammo to file more charges against the Respondent. If you are indeed attacked again, the perpetrator will be jailed again, perhaps this time without bond.

The Ault Firm stands by victim’s side throughout the filing process. We may be able to refer you to domestic violence shelters if you must escape immediately, too. Each situation is different, but we work quickly to make sure your attacker is held responsible and avoids hurting you again.

Contact the Draper protective order attorney who cares about your safety.