When children are feared by one parent, or if an aggressive parent could threaten the livelihood of children, the other parent may entertain seeking immediate sole custody. In certain cases, either supervised visitation rights, or a restraining order, may accompany sole custody orders in Utah.

The Ault Firm is the Draper sole custody attorney chosen by parents who want only safety and security for their children. We’ve dealt with many cases where one parent was unfit because of drugs, constant arrests or persistent anger issues. Surprisingly, it’s not always the noncustodial parent who poses a threat.

Filing Petitions for Sole Custody in Utah

If your children are in immediate danger, calling law enforcement immediately will at least drive a wedge between the threat, and your children. Child protection services will probably receive a call, too, but that’s standard protocol when the welfare of children may be compromised. To get sole custody of your children in Utah, your case must be substantiated by proving a condition exists that would cause further harm to child, such as:

  • Allowing a parent access to child(ren) would pose serious physical, emotional and financial risks.
  • Serious violent offenses have occurred against parent, children or both. This may include offenses in the past or present.
  • One parent’s financial or housing situation isn’t stable enough to merit joint custody.
  • One parent abandons child for an ‘x’ amount of time, or never knew child(ren).
  • One parent is incarcerated for an extended period of time.
  • One parent is experiencing terminal illness, has suddenly become disabled, or has another impairment that detriments their ability to care for children for extended periods of time.

With children born out of wedlock, one parent is automatically assumed to have sole custody. When awarded, the noncustodial parent automatically gets visitation rights along with support payments.

A Draper sole custody attorney from The Ault Firm can help deserving parents fight for, and receive, sole custody of children. Courts, along with parents, would prefer everything from healthcare to necessities get split evenly, however many times it’s just not possible. So, we fight for what’s right.

Hiring an Experienced Custody Attorney is Vital

Making sudden custody changes will affect everyone, including your children. When they become attached to one parent, then suddenly that parent alienates them or abuses mom or dad in front of them, it can be mentally scarring. When The Ault Firm gets involved with these cases, we already know the level of stress and pain is elevated for everyone involved.

Children have the right to safety, healthcare, food and love. When one parent jeopardizes the standard of children’s lives, changing custody agreements or total separation from one parent may be necessary to save that child from undue hardship.

Ready to petition the court for sole legal and physical custody? Our Draper sole custody attorney has experience filing motions, helping collect evidence to support claims, and will stand with you every step of the way.

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