When parents live separately with children, the other parents will usually be granted visitation rights alongside child support obligations unless the noncustodial parent is deemed an immediate threat. Of course, parental visitation rights are only as powerful as the courteousness of the custodial parent. Some exes can simply make live hell for noncustodial parents paying support orders. The Ault Firm is a pro-visitation attorney serving the greater Salt Lake City area.

Establishing visitation rights, enforcing them and holding another person accountable for failing to follow court ordered visitation guidelines can all be addressed with our skilled Draper visitation rights attorney.

How are Visitation Rights Established?

Utah Legislature passed parent time schedule laws which are divided into two age groups: under 5, and 5-18 years old. The Ault Firm has an abridged version of these guidelines available for quick reference.

Child support and visitation are separate entities in Utah. Financial support cannot be held hostage until visitation is scheduled, and vice versa. However, paternal visitation rights aren’t guaranteed, either. Parents must appear in court and tell the judge why visitation is important. The custodial parent can object, of course, but unless sufficient evidence exists that noncustodial parent may pose immediate danger, or could flea with child, most times ‘loose’ objections are ignored.

Relationships built during younger years, or the lack thereof, carry through into an adult’s life. It’s important to establish love, trust and your right to help your child grow early on, so our Draper visitation rights attorney works hard to give parents as much parenting time as legally allowable.

Enforcing Parental and Grandparent Visitation Rights

Recent legislation makes interference with noncustodial visitation by custodial parent a crime. So, if you’re enjoying a fun-filled weekend with your son and custodial mother attempts to simply ‘snatch’ the child while outside, she’s committed a crime. However, as with any criminal act, ‘intent’ must be proven.

Normally, visitation rights are enforced by court order. Once family courts either set state guidelines or enter pre-arranged parenting schedules, it becomes an enforceable order. Violation by custodial parent is grounds for contempt charges. Our Draper visitation rights attorney can help parents struggling to get their ordered parent-child time enforce orders, modify orders or even file joint or sole custody if custodial parent is neglecting, abusing or attempting to abscond Utah with child(ren).

Grandparent rights aren’t guaranteed in Utah; they must be petitioned for. Moreover, if both parents have been deemed equally unfit, have been incarcerated or disappeared for an extended period of time, the grandparents can file emergency custody petitions, which The Ault Firm P.C. can assist with.

Our Draper Visitation Rights Attorney Gets Results

After establishing paternity, let our law firm help begin support and visitation orders. Being proactive in your child’s life is vital to their mental and physical health. As our firm has father attorneys who know how important parental involvement is, you can feel comfortable retaining us for your visitation rights needs, including enforcement or modification.

Reach out to us to get visitation with your child started.