Salt Lake City Child Support Attorney

Children are often the biggest victims of divorce. It can leave deep emotional scars that can last for years. Unfortunately, divorce may be a necessary option for those who are involved in an unhappy marriage. However, it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure their child has a bright future. Child support is an important remedy to ensure the parent with primary custody has the means and resources to provide for the children. It is designed to pay for food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care along with daily living expenses. If you are filing for divorce and have children, the Salt Lake City child support lawyer at The Ault Firm are committed to protect your rights, interests and the welfare of your children.

How is Child Support Determined in Utah?

My name is Christopher M. Ault and I am a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer. One of the most common questions I get from clients concerns the determination of child support. When it comes to the Utah family law, the court focuses on what is in the best interest of each child. To determine the amount and method of child support, Utah courts take several factors into consideration including:

  • The financial state of both parents
  • Medical expenses
  • Child care expenses

The legal team at the Ault Firm utilizes a comprehensive and personable approach to help each client achieve the best results. We represent both men and women who are seeking representation for divorce. Child support is one of the one of most complex and delicate issues in Utah family law. As a Salt Lake City child support lawyer, I will help protect your rights and interests during this difficult time. Child support issues go beyond who must pay and how much. Over the course of time, your life and the life of your ex-spouse and the children will change. The Ault Firm also provides comprehensive legal representation for child support modification attorney Salt Lake City.

How a Salt Lake City Child Support Attorney Can Help

Child support issues can not only get complicated, they are also extremely emotional. Because each client is different, my staff and I always make the effort to tailor our strategy to fit your specific needs along with the needs of the children. In some cases, a parent may need additional money to provide proper care. In other cases, a parent may have difficulty honoring their child support commitments. The legal team at The Ault Firm P.C. takes pride in helping our clients find the best solutions to ensure they and their children will be placed in the best position to succeed.