Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Attorney

Far too many people throughout Salt Lake City are living in the constant nightmare of domestic violence. Because it often occurs in the privacy of the home and at the hands of a spouse or partner, many victims feel they have no place to turn for help. Nobody should have to constantly fear for their personal safety. But there are solutions. My name is Christopher M. Ault and I am a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney. Over the years, my legal team at The Ault Firm has provided legal solutions for women and men who live in constant fear of their partner. Whether you are seeking a divorce, need a protective order or involved in an abusive relationship that is affecting your life and the safety of your children, our team of family law professionals can help.

Committed to Protecting the Rights of Domestic Violence Victims in Salt Lake City

As an experienced family law attorney in Salt Lake City, I understand the challenges and obstacles facing victims of domestic violence. Many have undergone years of abuse. But it is important to understand nobody should have to live under these conditions. Sometimes it takes outside help to end this vicious cycle. From the time a client schedule an initial consultation and all the way through trial, they can always count on me and my team to be in their corner. Our objective is to always ensure the rights of each client are protected and to always look out for their best interest and to ensure their safety and the welfare of their children. One of the most effective legal methods to help put an end to domestic violence is obtaining a protective order.

How a Protective Order Can Help

Domestic violence cases require immediate action. One of the most effective legal solutions is to obtain a protective order. Utah is home to countless people who live with a spouse or partner that presents a danger. As your Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney, I can help clients obtain a protective order and present your case to the court. Protective orders in Utah can perform the following functions:

  • Force the abusive party to stay away from the petitioner, their property and children
  • Order the abusive party not to harm the petitioner or face stiff legal penalties
  • Award temporary child custody to the petitioner
  • Prevent the offender from possessing a weapon

Why Divorce May Be The Best Solution

Any form of domestic violence is never acceptable. Often the best solution is divorce. The legal team at The Ault Firm can help you through this difficult time. We can help each client navigate through the legal process by providing sound advice, representation and legal counsel to place them in the best position to succeed. As a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer and the person who has gone through the divorce process, I understand the perspective of many of my clients and the challenges they face. Together, we can help you overcome these obstacles have regain the life you and your children deserve. Take the first important step to regaining control of your life. Discover how a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney can help. Contact The Ault Firm and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.