Salt Lake City Legal Separation Attorney

From the time couples exchange their wedding vows, most believe they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, not every marriage is built last. When a relationship deteriorates, it can become difficult for couples to stay together. Legal separation is typically the first step towards divorce. When faced with the uncertainties of the custody of their children and financial responsibilities, it can often provide couples with a smoother transition towards divorce. My name is Christopher M. Ault and I am a Salt Lake City legal separation attorney. Over the years, the legal team at The Ault Firm and I have represented countless men and women who have gone through this difficult time in their lives. Our goal is to help protect your rights and interests of each client while they attempt to resolve their marital issues.

What is Legal Separation?

Utah law defines legal separation as “separate maintenance”. It allows couples to live separately while they try to figure out whether they need to file for divorce. When it comes to divorce, knowledge is power. Couples with children that have filed for legal separation in Salt Lake City are required by state law to attend classes to educate themselves about divorce. Couples without children must wait a 90 day waiting period. Utah law also requires couples that have filed for legal separation to attend at least one mediation session.

How Can a Salt Lake City Legal Separation Attorney Help?

The potential end of a marriage can be a chaotic time for everyone involved. What is going to happen to my children? Will I be able to support my family? How are the family assets and property going to be divided? These are all questions legally separated couples throughout Utah will have to eventually address. As your lawyer, I can provide sound legal advice and representation for any of the family law issues.

In addition to my duties as a Salt Lake City legal separation attorney, I am also a licensed mediator. Educating clients about their rights and protecting their interests is always a priority. It is important for a person going through a legal separation to be fully aware of the divorce process and its long term ramifications. It is also important for people contemplating legal separation to make good decisions. Regardless of your family law issues, my job is to always place my clients in the best position to succeed. Not every couple that is legally separated ends up filing for divorce. In many cases, they are able to find common ground and resolve their differences through mediation.