Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney

Marriage can often get complicated. Many couples go through difficult stages in their relationship. The stress of raising a family, managing finances and maintaining a healthy relationship can take its toll. While divorce may be a solution, it also brings a series of complications and life adjustments–such as child custody and visitation along with the division of property and assets. Before choosing divorce, one viable solution is mediation. My name is Christopher M. Ault and I am a Salt Lake City mediation attorney committed to helping couples find the best family law solutions.

Why Mediation Is Helpful

Filing for divorce is an important decision that requires significant thought and consideration. But not every difficult marriage is doomed to fail in Salt Lake City. An independent mediation attorney can help couples discuss their issues and help them decide whether divorce is the best solution. As an experienced Salt Lake City mediation lawyer, I take pride in providing couples with fair and impartial assessments by allowing each spouse to express their views, concerns and to answer any their questions.

Here is why mediation is an effective solution.

  • Mediation provides both spouses with a fast, private and less expensive alternative
  • There is no stress of facing a judge or being placed in a courtroom setting
  • Mediation is completely confidential
  • Provides couples with the opportunity to settle their differences in an amicable manner

Why Choosing the Right Salt Lake City Mediator is Important

Utah law requires all couples filing for divorce to undergo at least one mediation session to resolve their disputes. It is also important to choose the right Salt Lake City mediation attorney. Make sure to select a mediator that is independent and has no affiliation with either spouse. As a skilled negotiator, I have had the opportunity to listen to and oversee many mediation cases. Each couple brings their own unique set of circumstances and family dynamic. As a Salt Lake City mediation attorney, my commitment is to listen to the views, questions and concerns of each spouse and provide the best solutions.

Divorce can sometimes get messy. It can quickly turn into an acrimonious situation. Instead of creating an adversarial atmosphere, mediation is about finding solutions. In some cases, many couples are able to find common ground. By listening and effectively communicating with their partner, each spouse has the opportunity to gain perspective from the other person’s point of view. Having an independent third party to oversee and provide insight into the relationship can provide fresh solutions to a struggling marriage.